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Starting over …

DebE —  October 10, 2012 — 3 Comments

I have got to say, starting a whole new novel is scary stuff!

Structuring the telling

Structuring the telling (Photo credit: bgblogging)

I’ve learned so much through writing Healer’s Touch that I’d love to think I can apply to this new book earlier on, with the intention of completing and publishing in a shorter time than I have HT. The good ol’ “Easier said than done” comes to mind right about now. When I think about story structure and outlining, I find myself a little bit paralysed. There is no doubt about it, I applied tried-and-true story structure theory I learned from Larry Brooks, and outlining techniques I learned from all over the show (seriously, too many references to even list any … if you search it, you’ll come across many influences I used), to complete HT. But, the simple fact remains, I started out pantsing it. I started with a couple or three characters and a vague idea of where I wanted them to end up. The story grew around them, and they within it. Continue Reading…


Finding My Way

DebE —  May 5, 2012 — Leave a comment

So … on the word count front, it may look like I have stalled. But, I haven’t. I am feverishly working away every spare minute I get. And my head is abuzz with story and writing even when I am supposed to be doing other things. However, I have reached a junction in my writing of my WIP. Another one, I suppose, but I truly sense the end is nigh on this one. Yes, I still have a bunch of words to put down, but I have also already put an even larger bunch of words. Yes. I do truly believe that the number of words I have already put into the world is larger than those yet to come. I could be wrong, but I’m going to believe it.

I have come to a decision (and procrastinating at the moment, because sometimes putting decisions into action are less fun than they seem in one’s mind) …

So far, on the whole, I have been pantsing it – I write. And, truth be known, I still believe that my best writing has come from those “inspirational moments” in the shower, as I drift off to sleep at night, or when I’m out for a walk – yes, away from the computer or pen and paper.

However, I have worked out an outline before, and I liked it. And then I went and learned stuff about increasing stakes, and story structure and blah blah … Continue Reading…