Review Policy

I thought I had better set this up from the get-go.

First up:

  • Yes, I read e-books (preferred, actually – EPUB)
  • Yes, I will consider self-pubbed & small press titles

This blog is primarily my main stop for my Author Platform. However, I am interested in helping out other authors – especially self-pubbed and small press ones – so I am considering doing a few reviews here. As an author seeking reviews for my own work, I am well aware of how popular and busy book bloggers are, so I thought I would give you another possible outlet.

That being said, as a busy mum, wife, part-time-worker and writer myself, these things take all my top priority slots. Part of my being a writer is my participaction in my own local writer and critiquing group – these also take priority. And another part of being a writer is studying the kind of writers I want to write like! For that reason, I will regularly take a break from reading debut novelists to read some of the best-sellers, or my own personal favourites.

I have no idea how busy things could get around here once I start offering to do reviews (today is the 14th April 2013… let’s see how this goes), but I won’t promise I will read everything sent to me. No doubt, as time goes on I’ll get even more picky.

Right, on with my preferences.

I will only read fiction.

I prefer Fantasy, although I have an interest in more Literary-type works, too.

I tend to prefer adult fiction to YA, however, some YA has appealed.

My favourite authors to date are: Terry Pratchett, Iain Banks/Iain M. Banks, Joe Abercrombie, Brent Weeks, David Eddings, Diana Gabaldon.

I prefer my fantasy (fiction in general) dark and character driven, and I do like a little romance.

I have also enjoyed me some Marion Keyes, so feel free to plug me a little chick lit. As with everything, I can’t gurarntee I’ll say yes.

As with many other sites, if your book doesn’t appeal to me, I won’t review it. There will be others who would LOVE it, I’m certain… but if it’s not for me, then it’s not for me.

I WILL NOT accept money for reviews – not to encourage a positive one, or to guarantee I write one, or to get me to write one faster. My time is best suited to developing my own writing! Thanks for your understanding.

If you think you’ve got something to interest me, please send an introductory email with the following information:

  • Author
  • Title
  • Publisher
  • Genre
  • Available Formats
  • Release Date (if not currently available)
  • A brief description – back cover copy is fine
  • Other information you think I should know: Goodreads page, Amazon page, Author links…

I read books on my Kobo, so EPUB is ideal.

I will accept paperback/hardback copies if you so desire, but I do live in New Zealand! Yeah, it’s expensive sending stuff to/from here.

Right, well, the rest I will figure out as time goes on.

If you’ve made it this far, flick me an email at: deb[at]deberelene[dot]com


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    Can I be a beta reader for Warrior’s Touch?

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