Cover art for Healer's Touch

Healer’s Touch



Llew has a gift. Her body heals itself from any injury – but at a cost to anyone nearby.

In a country fearful of magic, freeing yourself from the hangman’s noose by wielding forbidden power brings dangers of its own. After dying and coming back, Llew drops from the gallows into the hands of Jonas: the man carrying the knife with the power to kill her – permanently.

The last of his warrior race, Jonas is haunted by memories of his loved ones. At his side, the cursed knife that took their lives acts as a cruel reminder of his pain. Jonas has learned the hard way that caring for others means their death.

Jealous of his half-brother’s celebrated strength and speed, Braph has created the device that gives him the power to perform magic, any magic. But it needs fuel – the blood of a healer…




The ultimate betrayal exposes a new enemy and forces Llew and Jonas to ally with a former nemesis.

Once upon a time, the last Immortal lost his powers of supernatural strength, speed and healing, to an Aenuk and her tree.

Nine hundred years later he learnt that an Immortal child, and his chance to regain his magics, was going to be born…