Mood Killer – #8Sunday

DebE —  April 14, 2013 — 14 Comments

So here I am again, sharing eight lines of WIP for the Weekend Writing Warriors’ #8Sunday.

This week, I’m actually carrying directly on from last week’s entry… If you recall, Jonas and Llew were getting a little bit cosy, and Jonas had just told Llew that should anything happen to her, he would heal her (which would result in him being drained) and she would be so grateful she’d make love to him immediately… He continues…

“I’m afraid I would be at your mercy, weak as I’d be. But I’ll forgive you.” He pressed his lips to hers, nibbling until she parted them. They breathed each other in for a few moments. Llew’s resistance melted. His hands released her head to begin work on his belt buckle, but his lips didn’t leave hers. At the chink of the buckle hitting the floor, loathing and nausea flooded through Llew. Braph’s belt had sounded the same.


Of course, I think it would be fab if you would consider purchasing a copy of Healer’s Touch (A few links I know of can be found here).

On the run after surviving the hangman’s noose, Llew learns that her ability to heal herself and others is more dangerous than she could have imagined. And her greatest hope of remaining free of those who would use her power for ill lies with the man who would kill her if he ever found out what she was… or would he?

Oh, but there is so much more!

HT is quirky, fast paced, Western-steampunk-fantasy. It’s Llew’s journey of self discovery and acceptance and the start of her emotional healing.

Sammy, from Kristell-Ink




Deb E was born in New Zealand’s North Island, but her parents corrected that within months, moving south to Dunedin and staying there. Childhood nights were spent falling asleep to cover versions of Cliff Richard and the Shadows and other Rock ’n Roll classics played by her father’s band, and days were spent dancing to 45 LPs. Many of her first writing experiences were copying down song lyrics. She graduated to scientific reports when she studied a nematophagus fungus in the Zoology department of the University of Otago, trading all traces of popularity for usefulness… then traded both for fiction. Mum of one human & four fur-babies.

14 responses to Mood Killer – #8Sunday


    Woooo…. sounds a a a a interesting. I need more. : ) I like


    This is an intriguing story and I loved the excerpt. Makes me want to keep reading!


    Oh, and everything was going fine till the sound of that buckle. Nice! Isn’t it the truth, how one little thing can trigger a memory and change a mood? Nice excerpt. 🙂


      Thank you, Teresa. I think it’s so easy to take little things for granted, but they tend to be the things that really matter, huh?


    oops, looks like their cosy moment is about to end abruptly. It was so sweet until that moment as well! I loved the description of the kiss.


    Guess that killed the mood.

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