[Music] My favourites: Candlebox

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I just felt like throwing in a random music post, really. A celebration of where some of my own storytelling may have come from. Simple fact: music has been a huge influencer in my life.

So, as a teenager, my musical interests went through some fairly major shifts. But first, let’s go back even further (Yes! Let’s!) …

I remember my mother always having a radio on at home. Whether that really is true or not is of little consequence … it’s what I remember. Always music. The Beach Boys “Cocomo” sticks with me, for some reason … We also had an extensive collection of records, and a little HMV player for the smaller 45s (although, you could play a 33 on on it … just). I was always playing that thing – listening to “Bend Me, Shape Me“, various Monkees songs, some Beatles, Disney Classics, The Turtles (“Surfer Dan”!, “Elenore” – which my mum used to sing as “Alan-oh …”; guess my dad’s name) … “We Are Happy People” (I’m guessing it was The Foundations that did it … can’t find it anywhere except in my head … oh). Those were the days.

And mum had a Cliff Richard concert on VHS that a friend had recorded for her … and a Baron Knights show that we recorded after that. Both were well-watched.

Oh, and just as a bit of a side, my dad was in a rock ‘n roll band. I spent many-a-night dropping off to sleep to the sound of lead guitar, and sometimes the whole band. He was/is good … His interests lean more toward Blue Grass now, but he can play like Hank from the Shadows.

I am also the youngest of three, so my older siblings’ music taste played a role in my own, too.

My sister loved A-Ha and New Kids on the Block. I loved New Kids on the Block and quite liked A-Ha.

My brother listened to Guns ‘n Roses … I didn’t like Guns ‘n Roses …

But then my teen years hit and I began to explore my own musical tastes. Sure, my brother still had quite a bit of influence for a while. While I was still listening to NKOTB, my brother did a stint at a local radio station and introduced me to Scatterbrain, Savatage, and Infectious Grooves (all bands I still listen to). I would have been about 12 at the time.

And then there was Extreme for a while. I still listen to them, too.

The first band I really discovered for myself was Candlebox. And they were my favourite band for the majority of my teenage years (until I “discovered” Our Lady Peace … but I’ve talked about them before).

I was at a friend’s slumber party and found myself as the only one awake the following morning, and so I watched a little TV. Candlebox’s “You” was played on the music show that morning. I liked it, so I repeated “Candlebox, You, Candlebox, You …” over and over to lock it in my mind. It was 6 months later that I heard their “Far Behind”. I don’t know what I had been expecting, but it wasn’t that, and it took me a month or so to warm up to that song … and then I was away. Bought the album, and the next …

It’s the next one I want to talk about. “Lucy” … not what I named my dog after, but I should have! Oh, I’m so gonna say I did, now …

The album “Lucy” was awesome. I don’t remember all the ins and outs I read about it at the time (and I’m sure I could go research, but, meh), but I recall something about the drums being miked up specially (they had a jazz-trained drummer in a rock band, and you could tell) … must have been a drumming article. Anyway, the album is full of very cool songs.

And this post has grown, when what I really wanted to show you were these two songs from “Lucy”.

First, here’s “Butterfly”. I recall reading that Candlebox’s singer, Kevin, used to catch butterflies in a jar when he was a kid. When he grew up and learned that butterflies only lived a couple of weeks or so, he felt guilty for having done that … And so, this song came about …

And then he wrote the same thing … but from the butterfly’s point-of-view–“Butterfly (Reprise)” …

Something I always loved about this particular song, is the way they get the guitar to sound like slowed down butterfly wings … It certainly brought strong imagery to my mind when I listened.

If these songs spark an interest, I strongly urge you to seek out this album–“Lucy” by Candlebox.




Deb E was born in New Zealand’s North Island, but her parents corrected that within months, moving south to Dunedin and staying there. Childhood nights were spent falling asleep to cover versions of Cliff Richard and the Shadows and other Rock ’n Roll classics played by her father’s band, and days were spent dancing to 45 LPs. Many of her first writing experiences were copying down song lyrics. She graduated to scientific reports when she studied a nematophagus fungus in the Zoology department of the University of Otago, trading all traces of popularity for usefulness… then traded both for fiction. Mum of one human & four fur-babies.

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