Productivity: I like it

DebE —  March 3, 2012 — Leave a comment

Managed something along the lines of 2,400 words today – I’m not entirely sure because I closed my session of Scrivener (after giving myself a MASSIVE fright when I renamed my story’s folder while Scrivener was open (duh! – rookie mistake) … oh boy, is it scary watching your files go blank? Yes, yes it is … luckily, I just had to open the file from the newly named folder and all was well).

How did I manage this (the 2,400 words)? It’s Saturday here in beautiful Aotearoa/New Zealand and my husband managed to have enough spare time to take our son to the supermarket and then to a friend’s house with him, giving me a decent few hours alone with my WIP.

I probably could have written more, but I get distracted now and then, and got a wee bit held up after a review. A fellow writer was reading my chapters to date (well, up until a few days ago) for me, as I wanted to know how things felt to someone less close to the project. In particular, I know I want a romance to develop between my leads (oh, come on, it’s what people like to read), but I want that development to feel natural, which can be tricky when I’ve had these people at various stages of togetherness and apartness (sure, it’s a word) over the last few years. Anyway, my reviewer gave me some brief feedback on my first chapter, and they made comments in particular on my writing style. Now, because writing style is really quite fundamental to writing, this gave me a big pause. I mean, how do you just keep going, knowing you’re gonna have to come back and pretty much re-write just to fix your basic voice?

(heh … That is rather adorable when I go in to my son when he wakes crying, give him a cuddle, but he’s still crying so I ask “You wanna go back to sleep?” to which he replies “Awa” – his word for “Yes”, or “Alright” – so I put him back down, and he settles immediately. Gotta love ‘im).

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes. How do you keep going? Well, first, you remind yourself that that is what writing is all about – re-writing. But, it also helps when said reviewer comes back to you saying they’ve read the rest of what you’ve given them and things get better … In other words, my first chapter, which is a hodge podge of old stuff that still kind of works and new stuff to replace what didn’t work, is still a bit iffy. But, my chapters since then, which are all fresh (i.e. less than a month old) are reading quite well, thank you very much. Phew! I feel better now, ’cause you know what that tells me? I’m a better writer now than I was when I first started. And, I think that’s awesome.

Now, just because I can’t get enough of sharing this with my son, I’m going to share it with you guy(s?):

You can read my first few chapters here, but if you wish to read further, I would encourage you to sign up for a free account which will allow you to read, and give feedback on, many great (and less than great – but how are we gonna learn if you don’t tell us?) written works.




Deb E was born in New Zealand’s North Island, but her parents corrected that within months, moving south to Dunedin and staying there. Childhood nights were spent falling asleep to cover versions of Cliff Richard and the Shadows and other Rock ’n Roll classics played by her father’s band, and days were spent dancing to 45 LPs. Many of her first writing experiences were copying down song lyrics. She graduated to scientific reports when she studied a nematophagus fungus in the Zoology department of the University of Otago, trading all traces of popularity for usefulness… then traded both for fiction. Mum of one human & four fur-babies.

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